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We bake traditional French breads, rolls, baguettes, croissants and pastries such as eclairs, palmiers, fruit tarts, and other sweet delights. Our butter galettes, impressioned withthe historic narrow gauge railroad, are a Jean-Pierre specialty and a local favorite.

We accept orders via the telephone or fax and deliver our fresh baked breads and pastries daily throughout the region. Our famous delivery trucks can be seen scurying around the Four Corners year round.


Our fresh baked croissants MAISON (homemade)

100% AU BEURRE (butter)

Traditional Baguettes Artisanal (Artisan)

We have baked and sold so far - 5,480,000 - YES! we said five million plus of them!!


Sourdough bread

Our Special this week:

Le Classic Sourdough Bread
by our Head Master Baker

Merci - Bien Cordialement